The TUF-BAR™ Solution | New Video | Fiberglass Rebar

Introducing The TUF-BAR™ Solution for fiberglass rebar

Why Use TUF-BAR™

Fiberglass rebar is the ultimate corrosion resistance solution with zero rust and zero maintenance. Therefore less concrete cover is then needed for all concrete applications.

TUF-BAR™ Fiberglass rebar has 2x tensile strength and is 1/4 the weight of steel. It is also non-conductive and non-magnetic making is the perfect rebar for steel free applications.

How is TUF-BAR™ Manufacted?

Using only the highest quality corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin and fiberglass materials, TUF-BAR™ has developed propriety applications for unique market applications. This process is tested approved and ready for your country. We combine efficiency with our simple and proven process. Our Fiberglass rebar is also capable of being bent into various shapes and sizes for all of your needs.

TUF-BAR™ Sustainability

Over 20 years of worldwide applications

200 Bridges throughout North America

Hundreds in diverse applications

Huge savings

Zero maintenance

Zero corrosion

How Much Will You Save?

Over a period of time, the cost of steel applications can sum up to hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars in maintenance. TUF-BAR™ is an eco-friendly solution that eliminates maintenance costs that steel rebar would normally. Rust will still be produced over time even with other solutions such as epoxy-coated steel, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Fiberglass rebar is a long term investment.

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