Below are the some of the many studies regarding the use of GFRP reinforcement in concrete structures.

Fatigue and Cyclical Loads

Ultimate and Service Behaviour of GFRP RC Bridge Deck Slabs Subjected to Fatigue Loading.

A. El-Ragaby, E. F. El-Salakawy and B. Benmokrane

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Bridge deck slabs reinforced with GFRP had a longer fatigue life (2.5 times longer) when compared to steel reinforced ones.

Durability & Longetivity

Durability of GFRP Reinforced Concrete in Field Structures (FRP-RCS 07)

A. Mufti, M. Onofrei, B. Benmokrane, N. Banthia, M. Boulfiza, J. Newhook, B. Bakht, G. Tadros, P. Brett

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Core samples removed from Canadian bridges aging between 5-8 years old showed no degradation in the GFRP that had been exposed to natural environmental conditions.

Concrete Improvement: Structures Last Four Times Longer


Using accelerated aging models in the lab, the Chair’s researchers have determined that the structural properties of FRP materials can be preserved for 100 years or more. By contrast, steel-reinforced concrete will begin to deteriorate after 10 to 15 years and will generally require major repairs after 25 years.

Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance of FRP Strengthened Concrete Columns

M.F. Green, E.U Chowdhury, R. Eedson, L.A. Bisby, N. Bénichou, V.K.R. Kodur

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FRP-strengthened systems that were adequately insulated achieved a minimum 4-hour fire resistance rating under service load.

Compression Behaviour

Behavior of Full-Scale Concrete Columns Internally Reinforced with Glass FRP Bars under Pure Axial Load

A. De Luca, F. Matta, A. Nanni

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FRP as compression reinforcement is not detrimental for column performance and may be allowed when design is for only vertical loads even though the FRP contribution to compressive strength should be neglected in the computation of the ultimate axial load capacity.

NSERC Research Chair in Innovative FRP Composite Materials for Infrastructure

Use of TUF-BAR GFRP Rebars in Circular Concrete Beams and Columns

University of SHERBROOKE. Prepared by: Ahmed Ali, Hamdy Mohamed, and B. Benmokrane

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ACI Presentation

Fire Resistance of FRP Reinforced Concrete

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