TUF-BAR Fiberglass lifting anchor is one of the best composite products available to our customers. It includes a wide range of features and applications. Some of the distinguishing features include protection against rust stains, corrosion, spalling, and patching. TUF-BAR Fiberglass Lifting anchors are made out of composite materials which are ¼ the weight of steel. Their impeccable strength allows engineers to reduce concrete cover. Some of the applications of fiberglass concrete anchors include beams, posts, piles, thin wall, fencing, road barriers, and concrete panels. Our products guarantee sustainability for more than a hundred years. Capable of 1.5 ton load capacity (5:1 safety factor) and a lifespan of 100+ years, they ensure greater savings in the long run.


Lifting Anchors Specifications

TUF-BAR lifting anchors are manufactured from sizes #2 – #8. They are available in custom lengths. We use a thermosetting resin procedure, ensuring the availability of all bends and shapes for our customers. Bends are currently available for sizes #3 – #8.

Features & Benefits

No Rust Stains
No Concrete Spalling
No Corrosion
No Patching
1/4 the Weight of Steel
1-4 Ton Load Capacity (5:1 Safety Factor)
Cuts Off Flush in 5 Seconds
Perfect for Painting
Reduce Concrete Cover


Lifting Anchors & Fencing Panels

For Sustainable Construction Solutions