Teed Bridge

Project Name:

Teed Bridge (Cumberland County, Nova Scotia)

Project Description:

A 64.0-m single span bridge constructed using 25 full-scale pre-cast bridge deck panels reinforced with Tuf-Bar GFRP bars. The 12.4 m × 2.44 m pre-cast GFRP-RC bridge deck panels were constructed and installed while the approach slabs, wing walls, and barriers were cast in place. The project was constructed using Grade III straight bars and bends and the bridge deck panels were cast in October 2016. Over 45,000 m of Tuf-Bar GFRP bars were used (manufactured and supplied by Tuf-Bar Canada) which included:

  • 37,000 m of straight bars in the 25 Deck Slabs, Sizes 15 mm, 20 mm, and 25 mm,
  • 8,200 m of straight bars in Barriers, Approach Slabs, and Wing walls, Sizes 15 mm and 20 mm,
  • 725 m of bent bars consisting of 4 configurations, Size 15 mm.

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