CS Peace Bridge


A testament to the skill and expertise of all involved, the bridge adheres to standards of design and construction that have won two 2013 Canadian Institute for Steel Construction Awards. Now, with nearly 6,000 users a day the Peace Bridge is at the heart of Calgary’s downtown community. The bridge features in many materials promoting Calgary, marking its place as an icon of the skyline.

TUF-BAR Product Used:

  • 2500 linear feet 40GPA Fiberglass Rebar
  • 5000 linear feet 60GPA Fiberglass Rebar


  • Length: 125 m
  • Total width: 8 m
  • Total height: 5.85 m
  • Width bet. handrails: 6.2 m (3.7m pedestrian zone, 2.5m cycleway)
  • Steel Tonnage: 700 metric tons (approximate)
  • Cost: $24.5 million

Project Team:

  • Structural Engineers: Stantec
  • Electrical Engineers: Stantec
  • Architect: Santiago Calatrava
peace_bridge calgary

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