TUF-BAR Fiberglass Form ties or tie bolts are used to connect opposite wall forms and to keep the space between forms equal. TUF-BAR manufacturers form ties by combining fiberglass and resin. TUF-BAR Fiberglass ties is an incredible alternative to conventional steel ties which are vulnerable to corrosion. Our non-rusting TUF-BAR Fiberglass form ties are electrically non-conductive and corrosion-resistant. TUF-BAR Fiberglass form ties can easily be cut to length in field. We thoroughly test form ties in the most advanced labs to ensure durability and sustainability. The success of your project is valuable to us. Therefore, we put our energies on making highly reliable fiberglass products that ensure long-term, cost-effective and corosion-free construction solutions.


Features & Benefits

Save 25% on Installation
Cuts Off Flush in 5 Seconds
1/4 the Weight of Steel -> Reduces Injury
Perfect for Painting
High Strength
Any Length
Reusable Fasteners
#7 (22mm) Form Tie
No Patching
No Rust Stains
No Sealing
No Water Penetration
No Steel

Threaded Bar

Form Ties Brochure - PDF

Nominal Diameter 22 mm 0.875 in
Cross-Sectional Area 337 mm2 0.522 in2
Ultimate Tensile Stress 799 MPa 115.9 ksi
Ultimate Tensile Strength 269.3 kN 60.54 kips
Transverse Shear Stress 181 MPa 26.3 ksi
Transverse Shear Strength 61 kN 13.7 kips
Bond Stress 14.0 MPa 2.0 ksi
Ultimate Elongation 1.95% 1.95%
Nominal Weight 0.63 kg/m 0.423 lbs/ft

4" NUT

Ultimate Strength 120 kN 27 kips
Maximum Working Load 65 kN 15 kips
Maximum Torque 70 Nm 50 ft. lbs

For Sustainable Construction Solutions